Christopher Filardi, Ph.D.

Chief Program Officer, Nia Tero

Dr. Chris Filardi is a research scientist by training with 30 years’ experience in building grassroots partnerships with indigenous peoples to sustain thriving natural systems within their territories. Chris has helped establish community-based wildlife reserves in Papua New Guinea and has facilitated strategies for customary protected areas in the Solomon Islands. He has also contributed to indigenous-led large-scale conservation initiatives in North America.

Chris established the Pacific Programs at the American Museum of Natural History and directed that effort for more than 10 years. He has worked with a variety of large and small NGOs and has helped to start and strengthen grassroots and regional organizations focused on large-scale land and sea stewardship, and combining diverse ways of knowing and governance into upholding thriving ecosystems within collective territory. Chris is a co-founder and currently Chief Program Officer of Nia Tero, a newly established organization whose mission is to secure indigenous guardianship of vital ecosystems globally.

Key Publications

Filardi, C. E., and C. E. Smith. 2005.

“Molecular phylogenetics of monarch flycatchers (genus Monarcha) with emphasis on Solomon Islands endemics.” 

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution(373) 776-778.

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Chris with a bunch of seagulls